Switch Leather Co. is a queer-owned and operated company based in Portland, Oregon. We set out to make the most ergonomic, design minded strap-on harness available. Our community deserves high quality American made harnesses. Tried, tested, tweaked, and tried again, this harness will go above and beyond your strap-on expectations.

 The only harness built of 100% American sourced leather.
Handmade in Portland, Oregon. 

We strive to create the product we want to buy: a harness that is lovingly handmade by design-minded leather workers. In a world drowning in mass-production, Switch Leather Co brings back true craftsmanship and heart. Every harness is made in a small studio under the Hawthorne bridge in Southeast Portland, Oregon. 

SLC harnesses are made with the best quality American leather and hardware possible. The leather is sourced from Horween Leather, one of the few tanneries remaining in the United States that uses a bark retannage and a blend of natural oils, creating a material that will only improve with age.

The Ramona can be worn above or below the hips, giving each wearer maximum control and comfort. This versatile design can be adjusted to create pressure in all the right areas for both parties… we promise. It is equipped with D-ring fasteners around the waist and thigh straps. Tried and tested, D-ring hardware is easiest and sexiest to slip on and retains a surprisingly strong non-slip hold. The triangular leather shape on the Ramona acts as a built-in driver pad, for maximum comfort during extended use. Check it out here.

For those of you who want lower profile experience, the Camryn is perfect for you. This proprietary design incorporates only the straps and hardware at all the perfect points with the same strong hold and control as the Ramona. With the three-point strap design, the wearer can tighten the harness quite a bit without it pulling on the straps that are directly connected to the O ring. This design also allows for the ring to sit low enough for comfortable use with double-ended dildos. It is a good fit for people who have external genitalia and can't or don't want to tuck. Additionally, the ring can be changed out to accommodate any size of dildo. Check out the listing here.