Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size to order?
When you order a harness online, we will size your harness to order. Our harnesses easily tighten to smaller sizes, so measure around the largest part of your hips/butt to ensure a proper fit. 

What size do I order if my partner and I want to share a harness?
Our harnesses easily tighten to smaller sizes, so measure around the largest part of you and your partner's hips/butt and order the larger size, since it is easy to adjust the harness to fit a smaller body.

Do your harnesses fit on people with penises or fat bodies?
We designed our harnesses to fit all types of bodies. They can be worn higher, to accommodate folks w penises or other "outie" genitalia, or can be worn lower to rest comfortably around low-hanging bellies/fupas. 

How do I care for my harness?
Your harness may feel stiff at first, but will soften with use and with each washing. To clean, wash gently with Otter Wax Saddle Soap. We do not recommend submerging your harness in water. Check out this great video from Otter Wax for more detailed leather cleaning instructions. Condition with Otter Wax Leather Salve and/or Leather Oil. Lay flat or hang to dry, with snaps un-snapped.

Do you ship internationally? 
Yes, head over to etsy for international shipping!

What is your return policy?
Due to the sensitive nature of our product, we are unfortunately not able to provide returns or exchanges. We offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defect, please contact us if you experience a malfunction!  We will either repair your harness or provide a replacement upon receiving the original. The replacement harness will be the same as the original. 

Can you modify this design for me?
We love hearing your ideas for design alterations, and consider the input we get from folks when we design new products. We are a very small production operation and as such, don't make custom one-off harnesses. 

I don't like D-ring fasteners, can you make one with buckles?
We spent a lot of time thinking about buckles vs D-rings, and have decided that for the type of leather we use, D-rings are the best option. Check out this great review video from Self Serve about our product! Matie explains the perks of D-rings better than we could! 

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes! You can find our products Self Serve, She Bop, The Smitten Kitten, Forbidden Fruit, and Babeland. If you are interested in carrying our products, email us and we will send you our wholesale information and line sheet.