The Camryn

This month we are very excited to introduce our new design. The Camryn is a sleek design that has just the minimum amount of straps necessary. It is super versatile and can accommodate an almost limitless range of dildos, including all kinds of double ended dildos. We're excited that this design is also super compatible with everyone's junk, too. The Alex and Ramona sit very low at the base and therefore can be uncomfortable for some folks who have more exterior equipment. The Camryn is so minimal that it can be worn a little higher and the two bottom straps can go on either side of yer business without causing discomfort. Yay!  

We're looking forward to getting it into stores soon, but for now you can still get it here or on our etsy

Happy humping, y'all! 

The story of Switch.

Alright. It's time to put down the leather and pick up the laptop, to start the daunting process of making a website. Squarespace is like, as easy as it gets, and still baffles me. I think I have a handle on it now, though. So here's a blog update about what we've been doing since Fall 2014. The story of Switch, really. 

It was the end of summer, my partner and I were at Mrs, the female-centric queer dance party at Mississippi Studios, on the hyper-gentrified strip of Mississippi Ave. in Portland, Oregon. We were making the rounds, catching up with all our party acquaintances. I spied my friend Becca, who had just quit her production job at Tanner Goods. We were both a few bourbons in, and we rambled about leather work for a while. Becca told me she had a strap-on harness design that she wanted to give me, because she had lost steam on making it more than a hobby. I had just finished showing a collection of leather chest harnesses at Summer Strut, and was ready to start a new venture. "Dude, let's start a strap on-business!"

I sent a hung over text the next morning, and we agreed to meet up and talk about it more. A few weeks later, we were working out the details of what it would take to start production. We brainstormed names. (A few gems that didn't make the cut: Deeper & Deeper & Co, Leather and Boink, Hip Swerve, Memberz Only, Hard humping harness co., Up front and center leather co.) We looked at a million brands to figure out what we wanted to look like. We contacted Tanner Goods, and they generously agreed to let us buy scrap leather from them. Buying from TG allows us to offer a product made from Horween Leather, the highest quality U.S. made leather available, without having to meet high wholesale minimums, and without causing an impact on the leather industry.

By December 2014, Switch Leather Co. was a registered LLC, and we were on our way. We were scraping together the necessary tools one at a time, with the small doses of money we earned from each etsy sale we made. 

In late January, 2015, we packed up our first wholesale order of 6 harnesses, and shipped them off to Self Serve Toys in Albuquerque, NM. The owner, Matie Fricker, is an incredible person, whom I met 5 years ago at a women's music festival. As a side note, Self Serve is not only a sex toy boutique, they also hold a wide range of classes and workshops on sex and sexuality, a really amazing asset to the ABQ community. Sadly, their shop was recently vandalized, please consider donating to their fundraiser, so they can continue doing the incredibly important work they do. 

As Valentine's Day approaches, we are bumping up production and looking forward to changing sex lives everywhere! 

Now, back to figuring out this website template.